The Woman Men Adore...And Never Want To LeaveThe title of Bob Grant’s popular e-book – The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave may be a mouthful to say but its contents hit the bull’s eye like no other book before it has done. Grant, who has been a professional therapist, licensed counselor and relationship coach for almost 2 decades now, certainly knows what he is talking about in the e-book. Many industry critics even consider this e-book to be Grant’s crowning achievement in his career and you will be inclined to agree once you read through its pages.

Promises Made

Grant makes a bold promise that this will be the last relationship book readers, specifically women, will ever need from the dating to the marriage phase. The information contained in the book is mostly practical tips, techniques and tricks on how women can attract and then keep the man of their dreams along with secrets on what makes men tick from the perspective of a man.

Bold promise, indeed, because so many books before The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave have made the same promise but failed to deliver. So, the question is: Does Bob Grant deliver? The short but definitive answer is, yes. Grant’s track record as a relationship coach has certainly come into the fore in this excellent e-book especially where the practical advice is concerned. You can immediately put into use these practical tips on how to attract and keep your man and you will be forgiven for berating yourself why you never thought of these things before. It happens. 


Gems of Advice

There are many gems of relationship advice for women that can be found in Grant’s The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave. Just to highlight a few of the gems you will find:

– How to stop behavior, actions and thoughts that men find undesirable in women including being needy and bitchy. According to Grant, these behavioral patterns can be transformed into a desirable manner of being able to express your feelings in an honest, direct and yet loving manner. The end result is being able to influence a man’s actions by your own action in a positive manner.

– How to give and receive in a relationship. This is critical in a relationship because it will all boil down to open communication between the two persons involved in the relationship.Reading through the book uncovers more nuggets of wisdom that women can use to strengthen their relationship. Men can even benefit from reading the e-book, too.


Ease of Use

Yet another good thing about The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave is its ease of use. The useful information contained in the book is presented in an organized manner, thus, attesting to the professional experience of its author as a marriage counselor. The book is also popular because the words used often read like a close friend counseling a friend in distress over a relationship. Such balance between a professional perspective and a personal approach is rare in this field.

But it must be noted that not all ideas and relationship techniques may be as effective for all women, simply because everybody is unique. The good news is that these ideas from The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave will be very useful throughout your life, as they provide excellent relationship advice as you seek the man of your dreams.