The Magic Of Making UpTW Jackson and his e-book, The Magic Of Making Up, has sold over 50,000 units in 77 countries – and counting, if the glowing customer testimonials and critic reviews are to be the gauge. It is,without a doubt, one of the best selling e-books in the romance, relationship and reconciliation category. A read into the pages of the e-book will uncover the reasons why, which shall be discussed in this product review.

 Budget-Friendly Price

The e-book is very good value for money, and can be instantly downloaded from its official site. There are no bonuses like additional e-books thrown in to sweeten the deal, however I believe this is not an issue. In the end, it is the quality of the book itself that matters the most, not anything else and you have the guarantee that The Magic Of Making Up is one of the best resources for heartbroken individuals who desire a for-keeps reconciliation with their exes. If you should find that the advice given by TW Jackson does not assist you with your relationship, the e-book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Easy-to-Follow Plan

TW Jackson has written this how-to reconciliation e-book with an important thing in mind – to provide readers with a clear-cut, easy-to-follow and practical to-do-plan. You will be walked through the entire process of a successful reconciliation with your ex-lover, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife. You will also be provided with a time schedule for each step since timing is of critical importance in a happy reconciliation.

In fact, very few contingencies have been left out in The Magic Of Making Up e-book that you will wonder if TW Jackson may have seen it all in relationships. We believe he probably has seen and heard it all, considering his role as the go-to person when it comes to relationships first among his family and friends and then, later on, among his many clients.

The plan for a happy reconciliation is laid out in three stages. You should follow these stages in progression since each stage builds on the gains of the previous stage. To summarize these three stages in the reconciliation plan:


1. The understanding stage serves as the introduction to the core reasons for the emotional separation among lovers. You will be made aware of the so-called love principles that will prove beneficial later on.

2. The self-improvement stage is arguably the most important part of The Magic Of Making Up e-book for many reasons. Foremost of these reasons is that you should be the right person with the right heart and mind to attract the person of your dreams. Or in the case of reconciliation, you should have your head on straight and heart in the right place before attempting to reconcile with your ex-lover. No anger, no depression and no neediness.

3. The third part deals with the ways to sustain your relationship after the happy reconciliation. You will be taught about the ways to assess your relationship, how to approach problems in it and how to let the romance live.


Of course, you must act on these steps because it is the only way to see if the advice provided by TW Jackson is, indeed, effective for your particular relationship. The Magic Of Making Up may be one of the most popular in its field, however like all things in life, you need to take action in order to gain the benefits of the book’s relationship advice. We do believe that if you prepared to take action, this book will prove invaluable to you in your relationship reconciliation.