Save The Marriage

The e-book titled Save the Marriage was borne of the failures of applying conventional marriage therapy techniques to stop divorce among couples. Such realization came from Lee Baucom, Ph.D., the author of this e-book when he was working as a marriage therapist. 


Years of Thought

For many years, Baucom applied the established marriage therapy principles and practices as was expected of his education, training and experience. However, he began to observe that these conventional methods were not working as well as expected with many cases of relationships even becoming worse than before. It was, indeed, time for a change to unorthodox, but effective marriage therapy techniques. After this realization, Baucom began to test his unconventional methods on his clients for the next five years. After the success rate for these unorthodox methods started to gain recognition, did Baucom start writing the Save the Marriage e-book.

Rate of Success

Just how successful are these new methods? Well, classical marriage therapy techniques require both spouses to actively be involved from start to finish but Baucom’s methods only required just one spouse willing to save the relationship for success. You have to read the book in its entirety to understand how something deemed impossible by other marriage therapists can happen under Baucom’s methods.

The success of the methods espoused by Baucom also stems from the fact that the writing style used is conversational instead of too professional, too filled with jargon and too scholarly. You will get the feeling of talking to a close friend instead of to a detached professional and, thus, you are likely to keep on reading the contents of Save the Marriage, as you will be able to easily see how the tips and techniques he proposes can assist you in your own personal situation.

Furthermore, Baucom also uses vivid imagery through examples, pictures and metaphors to get his point across. You will not be groping around in the dark trying to understand a subject of critical importance in saving your marriage. Add in the simple language used and you are motivated to adopt the tips, tricks and techniques discussed in each chapter – a page-turner, indeed.


Summary of Contents

Here is a sneak peek into the contents of this 159-page Save the Marriage e-book: 

  • Chapter 1 – Explanations for why conventional marriage therapy does not work for most couples 
  • Chapter 2 – Discussions on the issue of control, power and struggles in the marriage
  • Chapter 3 – Ingredients of a successful marriage
  • Chapter 4 – Discover the genuine purpose of a marriage
  • Chapter 5 – Reveals the secrets to a happy marriage, thus, making it one of the most important chapters in the entire book

The succeeding chapters discuss other matters of significant importance in a successful marriage, one that can and will withstand the years of togetherness. These topics include an in-depth assessment of emotional issues, roles in the relationships, and stages of intimacy, among others.


Admittedly, the unorthodox methods outlined in the Save the Marriage e-book may cause initial misgivings — especially after you have gone through the conventional route of marriage counseling. Nevertheless, if being traditional in trying to resolve your marriage problems has failed, then it is about time to try non-traditional methods and see if it works for you. Baucom’s methods are based on years of experience as a marriage therapist, where he had helped countless people deal with relationship questions and issues. Chances are that Baucom’s unorthodox methods will work and may be just the relationship advice you have been looking for.