Romantic GamesThe spice in a relationship tends to die down after many years of togetherness. What once was an exciting relationship filled with adventure and intrigue has now become a route of events that occur on a regular basis. The fire begins to die down and being intimate with your partner tends to be less exciting.  Romantic games can help, but so can good communication.

It is not uncommon in a relationship for the need for romantic games to become a reality. It actually occurs more often than most people will admit. There are ways to spice up your love life that can add excitement and romance to your now average life. Romantic games can encompass planning a meeting in which both parties pretends they do not know the other. They flirt and raise the excitement level before retiring to a hotel room or back to the home.

Other romantic games come in the form of board games. You can roll the dice and perform the task that is revealed on the dice. This brings a change of pace from your normal love life and can bring on more exciting feelings for everyone involved. You can have the enticing feelings that you did at the beginning of the relationship by just adding some changes into your routine. 

It is also very possible to add the passion back into your relationship with the help of nothing more than words. When two people get comfortable with each other and the flame begins to die out, the encouraging comments and praise tend to go away with them. You can make your partner feel very good just by telling them how nice they look or complimenting them on how their outfit fits so nicely on their body.

Compliment them on their hair or their perfume and the emotions will begin to swell. Everyone likes to be complimented from time to time and it means much more when it comes from the one that we love. When someone feels better about themselves, they are more likely to feel more interested in having a strong love life with their spouse.

The old stand-by romantic dinner with flowers and wine is another great choice and they can be paired nicely with romantic games. Set the mood early with music and wine and add to the romance with flowers and compliments. Your partner is sure to respond with a more relaxed personality that is ready for any romantic games that you have to offer.

When you are considering romantic games for your partner, keep in mind their comfort level. There are some very aggressive games that would make most people blush. If your partner is more conservative, go for a mild approach to these games. Suggesting that they loosen up a little is fine but pushing them extremely outside of their comfort level with these games can lead to a bigger block being put up and the passion and excitement being ripped right away. When introduced properly to a relationship, using romantic games to spice up your love life may just be the best relationship advice you will receive!