Relationship Quiz

A relationship quiz is a set of questions that will basically help couples evaluate the health and the status of their relationship. This gives couples a more objective and systematic approach to grading the quality of relationship that they are in and can help them a great deal in solving current issues and problems. Using a relationship quiz can be an excellent way to gain a greater understanding of what both you and your partner are seeking in the relationship, and is often a good way to encourage communication about unresolved issues in your partnership.

Here are some of the most common questions that are asked in a relationship quiz.


Do we share our personal thoughts and feelings to each other?

Couples should always maintain open communication and treat each other as confidantes. This can help them become intimate and close. But unfortunately, there are some who have stopped having real conversations through the course of their relationship. They become so used to having their partners around that they take them totally for granted. Remember, open communication does not come as easily. It requires an investment of effort and time. So if you want to keep your bond intact and your relationship happy, be ready to invest in both.


What are your common interests and likes?

Identifying these kinds of activities can give you a good idea on how you can spend quality time together. Doing something that you both love during the weekend can make family time extra special and can be something that you both will look forward to every week. Activities like these can help keep your bond strong and your relationship fresh and alive. So never try to miss these kinds of questions in a relationship quiz.


Do we respect each other?

Respect is one of the biggest and most important pillars to a good relationship. It should be shown in both the big and the little ways. So evaluate yourselves. Do you still respect and regard each other as highly as you did when you first met? Or have you taken each other totally for granted. If you have, then turn things around. Sit down with your partner and apologize. The great thing about love is that it always has room to forgive and start again.


Are we still attracted to each other?

This part of the relationship quiz will measure just how physically attracted you are to your partner. Some couples can survive years of marriage but have totally lost the feeling of attraction for his or her spouse. Although they have kept the marriage intact, the quality of the relationship often suffers. It is very important that couples keep the feeling of attraction alive since this can give the relationship that added spice.

Do we still show affection?

It is very important that couples continue on showing affection for each other even after many years of marriage. Love needs to be communicated and relayed at all times. Learn to say “I love you” to your partner as often as you can and show affection whenever you have the chance. These simple gestures can mean a lot to a relationship and can help you keep that bond strong and intimacy alive.

So if you are ready to evaluate your relationship, go and find a relationship quiz that give out these kinds of questions. Remember, this is a self-assessment test so the best relationship advice is to be as honest as you possibly can.