Men Made EasyAs cliché as it sounds, men are borne of the Roman god of war, Mars, while women are borne of the Roman god of love, Venus. Such a dichotomy between the sexes has made for interesting stories of attractions, separations and reconciliations in the relationship arena of life. Such a dichotomy appears to have inspired Kara Oh to write the e-book aptly-titled as Men Made Easy, which is obviously geared towards assisting women to understand the opposite sex!

Why buy this particular relationship e-book? Well, if you are looking for a book that focuses on having your sweet cake and eating of its goodness too, then this is the right book for you. Your opportunities for a happy relationship with Mr. Right, while still maintaining your feminine individuality, are higher after reading and then applying the advice of Ms. Oh.


Sweet Reading

This relationship guide is written by a woman for women, which makes it such sweet reading. You will find that the words flow into eloquent sentences that, in turn, form part of thoughtful paragraphs with numerous nuggets of feminine wisdom embedded in them.

These nuggets of wisdom in Men Made Easy pertain to things that make men tick and how these things relate to the dynamics of a romantic relationship. Think of the book as your easy-guide to reading men and then making your insights into the male psyche work to your advantage. If men think that women are impossible, then women can return the compliment!

Moreover, with this e-book, men become easier to understand. A look into its 13 chapters reveals the following things to be learned:

  •  How to make your dreams a reality in regard to your love life
  •  Reasons for your power in any relationship despite societal standards that say otherwise
  • Reasons why men crave intimacy more than women do, but are too afraid to show it (Just one of many shocking revelations in Men Made Easy!)
  • Ways that men express intimacy without women knowing about them
  • Why men find monogamy difficult, if not impossible

The most important chapter is the twelfth one because it discusses feminine grace and intuition. Ms. Oh suggests that without these feminine attributes, the rest of her tips – or secrets, as she calls them – will not work. However, men are not left out either in the Men Made Easy book. The last chapter deals with the ways that men can make women happy. You may want to let your man read through this chapter and give him a big clue as to what you really want!

Sweet Results

The book is not just all talk and no results. You will enjoy positive results including getting your man to commit to your relationship; embracing your power in your relationship; and fixing issues in your relationship. The language and writing style in this book is easy reading, but the tips are truly effective.

Of course, you will not enjoy these sweet results if you just read the pages and then do nothing with the information. You have to act on the relationship advice for it to be effective in your relationship – Men Made Easy is as simple as the name suggests – a highly recommended read indeed!