Matt Huston Matt Huston brings the male perspective into how to achieve relationship reconciliations with an ex-boyfriend. However, it is not just any male perspective because any man with minimum writing skills can pen a book on relationships and reconciliations whilst claiming that he has the best male perspective possible. Huston however is more than qualified to make reconciliations successful, and to assist you in getting your ex back.


Author Profile

Huston has the education to back up the philosophies, principles and practices presented in his numerous e-books, articles and online courses. He has a master’s degree in psychology achieved following years of postgraduate study. His professional knowledge on what makes people tick is based on his years of university studies, provides for a strong foundation for his career and the success of the advice he provides. 

Matt Huston has successfully started and maintained a private practice as a relationship coach, author and host. At first, he only coached family and friends whose relationships were in distress — and even whose relationships seemed to be dead for all intents and purposes. Then, he moved on to personal coaching via a telephone hotline before proceeding to pen e-books on the subjects for which he has coached thousands of people over recent years.

If statistics can be complied for the number of people Huston has coached over the years, over 100,000 individuals have availed of and benefited from his e-books, online courses and personal coaching. Thanks to the power of information communication technology, his clients come from over 40 countries – proof that romantic relationships share more similarities than differences across cultures.

Today, Matt Huston continues to change the lives of many men and women with his relationship e-books. As an acknowledgement of the fundamental differences between the sexes, Huston often puts gender-specific titles on his works. For example, if the subject is how to get your ex-boyfriend back, then the books are written specifically for women who are looking for the right advice to repair their relationship. Similarly, he has books targeted specifically to assist men in this area.

Huston also has e-books and online courses that target both men and women. Certain changes are made to the personal coaching on relationships to account for unique circumstances. It must be emphasized however that the e-books on relationships and reconciliations that Huston produces work for the majority of individuals who purchase his books regardless of sex, and in many cases it may assist if both members of a couple read the information to assist them in working through their own issues.

Among the popular books penned by Matt Huston is Get Him Back Forever (Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back). Judging by the customer testimonials on the official website, it can be safely assumed that the tips, techniques and ‘dirty’ tricks suggested in the e-book work and work well.

Without divulging too much of the contents of these e-books, you will learn the following:

How the male mind works and how to use this knowledge in your favor

– How to be a better person so that reconciliation can happen in a smoother manner

– How to move on after a break-up without necessarily saying your final goodbye to the relationship. You will learn to let go of your negative emotions and take charge of your life after the pain of the break-up.

– How to sustain your relationship after the reconciliation

Matt Huston knows many of the answers to the questions that have been bugging women about why the break-up happened, and how to achieve reconciliation with an ex partner. Read his books and you will be satisfied with the answers, and will find within them a goldmine of relationship advice to assist you in improving your own relationship.