Kara Oh - Men Made EasyKara Oh is a relationship expert who uses her knowledge to help people find long lasting love and work through the dating game.

She was married at age nineteen and remained married for twenty-nine years. She had a loving marriage that was full of happiness until the last two years of the marriage. After enduring the relationship for the last two years, she sought a divorce. She has used the learnings from this experience to add to the value of the advice she can provide people in troubled relationships.

Kara Oh has a son and a daughter that are grown, and has one grandson. She lives in Santa Barbara part time and in Los Angeles with her fiance the rest of the time.

Kara is engaged to Dr. Chris Manning, a finance professor at Loyola Marymount University. She has found her match in Dr. Manning and they spend enjoyable time traveling, visiting friends, going skiing, and taking in movies.

Kara has a background in cultural anthropology, which has allowed her a unique view of exactly why women and men do the things that they do, and how the differences between a man and woman are worked out in a relationship. She has spent a great deal of time focusing on what causes men and women to unite and to add to each other’s lives in a positive light.

In 1991, Kara Oh began teaching self-improvement and self-empowerment workshops. In the early days, these workshops were often attended by all women. When she was able to bring a group of men together , she would expand the groups to teach to mixed company or just men, without women being present. Her studies with Marti Glenn, who is a Ph.D., taught her to look under the surface and really explore what causes certain behaviors in people.

The first sensual workshop that Kara offered dealt with a woman’s sensuality. She would gather a group of men that were willing to answer any questions that may have been asked of them. She was sure to interview each of the chosen men prior to the workshop to ensure that they were the right choice for the panel. As she interviewed the men, she realized quickly that by asking the right questions she could really see into their thoughts and ideas.

Soon after this workshop commenced, Kara Oh received multiple phone calls from men asking her to include them on her panels. It was then that she decided to begin offering workshops for men only. During these workshops, she allowed the men to ask women questions that they had wanted to ask for years. As she interviewed people for these panels and the workshops, she gathered valuable information that she turned into books.

These books were created to aid those that could not attend her workshops. One of her most successful books is Men Made Easy, which has helped countless women around the world better understand their man in order to improve their relationship.

Kara Oh has devoted her life to helping others via books, her seminars, and her weekly newsletter. She shares her insights and revelations about love and happiness in each work. Recently she has narrowed her relationship advice focus to helping men and women that are over forty years old find the long lasting love that they deserve.