Amy WatermanAmy Waterman is well known for the advice that she gives in regards to relationships. Whilst she is an accomplished writer in relationships, there is so much more to her as a person. Amy was raised in a small, out of town area in the south end of Oregon. She grew up with a strong desire to write. She was top of her class at the Pacific University and soon after began her travels visiting many parts of the world.

Amy gained many experiences through her travels that have helped her become the writer that she is today. She spent time as a flower gardener in Wyoming on a dude ranch and then spent time as a shepherdess in Wales. After these adventures, she spent some time in Australia as a rousie.

With these adventurous times in her past, she dedicated the next three years to the Peace Corps. She embraced the experiences and adventures she took on while in the Peace Corps and moved on to the next phase of her life.

 While spending time in South America, Amy Waterman became very fluent in speaking Spanish and she used that to her advantage. She began to work with Mauricio Evampieff. They were able to develop a learning system that taught others how to speak Spanish fluently. It is called Rocket Spanish and has been instrumental in teaching many people to speak this beautiful language fluently.

While Amy Waterman did spend a great deal of time traveling, she eventually settled down in England to raise her stepdaughter and spend time with her husband. She spends her time in the garden and loves to keep fit. She does live in England but she has made it a priority to stay in contact with the relationship experts in the United States by conducting phone interviews on a regular basis.

Amy has become a well-known author of books like The REAL Women REAL Love Guide to Fearless Dating and Save My Marriage Today. She works directly with several authorities in the relationship field. She collaborates with Marie Forleo and Mirabelle Summers, both well-known relationship experts as well.

Amy Waterman understands that many people look for relationship advice from anyone they can get it from. They listen to their family and friends and even to their hairdresser. She believes that you should not follow in the footsteps of those that you are getting advice from because many of their footsteps have led them straight to divorce or troubled relationships.

If you are looking for advice that is real and that deals head on with real relationship problems, Amy Waterman is the person to listen to. She has the life experience to guide you to a healthy relationship. Her long history of travel and culture has allowed her a unique perspective on life and love in a relationship. Allowing her to pass on the knowledge that she has found could be the best choice for someone looking for relationship advice.