Is your love life in the doldrums? Are you worried sick because you have just broken up with your loved one, or because you are about to do so?

Often finding useful information you can trust on this very personal subject can be difficult. In my experience over time helping a lot of people with their relationship problems, I noticed such a resource was missing. This is exactly why I created, to provide quality relationship advice you can trust and rely upon!

I understand exactly what you are going through, as I’ve been there as well! I understand the urgency of the situation and how important it is to you to do the right things to get your lover back. I firmly believe that love is something we humans simply cannot live without because our lives will be devoid of color if we do not have love as a central element.

You probably already know that any wrong moves can ruin your chances of getting your lover back again, and can actually make your situation worse! It will seem everyone has advice for you in your time of need, however often this relationship advice overload can confuse more than it helps!

Your friends and family members might be well meaning when providing relationship advice, but do they really know how to help you win back your lover? Do they truly understand your personal situation? In addition, are they really qualified and objective enough to help you through a rough patch? Your friends and family will often give you relationship advice that is strongly colored by their own romantic situation or experiences, or tainted by their vested interests in your relationship.

A person who has just been divorced might give you very negative relationship advice, whereas a newlywed might give you positive advice that is optimistic to the point of being unrealistic. If a friend or parent of yours never liked your partner in the first place it is unlikely that you will get advice to reconcile with that person, even if this is what you so desperately want.

You will simply waste precious time doing the wrong things and your former lover will only become even more distant from you. Do not waste any more time!

If you are tired of getting the wrong relationship advice from family and friends then I encourage you to go through the information available on this site. At, my goal is to provide you with an enormous amount of information as well as tips and tricks to help you to recover, repair and manage your love life more positively.

As an aside, I recently discovered a video by TW Jackson, the author of the best selling relationship book on   the market The Magic Of Making Up. I would recommend watching this video, as it has some really good relationship advice in it. There are some twists – some of the techniques that he has proven to be successful are not what you may think, and they may surprise you! I hope you find it helpful:

Through my experience in helping people with relationship issues I find that people are better able to manage their romantic problems if they have a clear understanding of what makes them behave in the ways that they do. Simply getting relationship advice is not always sufficient. You will not be able to change certain behavior patterns and mindsets if you do not understand why they exist in the first place.

Reading about the nature of romantic and sexual love will certainly help you get a better perspective on your problems. It also helps to know that you are not alone in facing these problems, which are, after all, caused by issues driven by human nature!


 No Man (Or Woman) Is An Island…


Sure, you might think that you could do without a significant other in your life, especially if your relationship has just ended on a sour note. The problem is that this is just not how human beings live. We have an innate desire to form strong relationships with other people, especially relationships that are lasting in nature. These relationships include ones we have with friends and family members and not just with romantic partners. We are very complex social beings and it is the web of relationships that we live in that helps make us the people that we are. I have realized over time that people find it very difficult to manage on their own without the support and love of their friends, family members and special partners.


 All You Need Is Love…


There is absolutely no doubt that we humans have a great desire to love and be loved. We create pair bonds (not always for life, but strong nonetheless) and lavish a great deal of attention on our romantic partners. No other creature on this planet spends as much time and energy as us on the upbringing of offspring. According to various scientists, it is love (sexual and non-sexual) that enables us to create such long lasting relationships.

You should therefore never downplay the importance of love in your life. If you were to look back at your life until now you would see many instances where you made decisions based upon love. Perhaps you took a particular course or moved to another city just because the object of your affection did the same thing. You might even do just the opposite in order to stay away from a person you no longer love!


A Successful Relationship Takes A Lot Of Work!


I always maintain that it is important to work constantly on any relationship in order to make it work. Once the first flush of romance is over, as it inevitably will be, you need to work on the day to day aspects of your relationship. If you are unwilling or unable to do this then the relationship will not be able to stand the test of time. It is the process of give and take that makes a long term relationship something very special.

Of course, there are bound to be rough patches from time to time, but which bond does not go through that? After all, both people in a partnership have their own personalities, histories as well as strong likes and dislikes.

The relationship advice that I offer you on the many pages of this site will help you:

  • Bring out the best in your partner by pressing the right buttons
  • Develop your skills in dealing with your partner
  • Avoid potential fiery situations that can destroy your relationship
  • Understand the importance of using patience and love when dealing with others
  • Get what you want from the relationship whilst respecting the other person’s needs and boundaries
  • Compromise on certain issues without letting go of what is truly important to you
  • Lead a fulfilling life as a happier and a better person


 Improve Your Communication Skills


Most people who come to me for relationship advice actually need a lot of help to work on their communication skills. If a partnership has to work then both the people in it need to feel that their needs are being met. However, how do you expect your partner to meet your needs if you do not state them clearly?

Similarly, you might be hearing your partner state his or her needs without really listening. Whether the fault lies with your poor communication skills or those of your partner is irrelevant. The fact is that your relationship can suffer serious damage because of it. I believe very strongly in providing troubled people with relationship advice that includes tips on how to communicate effectively. This includes stating your expectations in a clear and respectful manner while simultaneously listening to what your partner has to say. Correct communication itself will take away many of your problems.


Deal With Matters of the Heart in an Unemotional Manner


I always advise people that they need to study their relationship problems in an objective manner. If the situation is already fraught with unhappiness and anger then it will not help matters if they take an aggressive and highly emotional stand against your partner.

One of the most important pieces of relationship advice that I can offer you is to stick to the facts when talking through problems with your partner. Try to ignore any actual or perceived slights and hurts you have suffered when discussing an emotional issue because this will make your message more likely to be accepted by the other person. In fact, if you are able to maintain a cool head then your partner will also be amenable to talk in a reasonable manner. Also, people do not like to be attacked and will only retaliate in a similar manner if only to defend themselves. Once the situation becomes hostile then there is very little constructive discussion possible out of it.


Avoiding Relationship Flashpoints


It is very rare for problems in a relationship to happen without provocation, either from either party or from an external party. You need to be able to identify what causes problems in your relationship so that you can avoid doing these things entirely. This does not mean that you have to turn a blind eye to infidelity or abuse. At the same time, it is not correct to pin the blame on one person solely, except in certain circumstances of course. It is very clear that a spirit of compromise and mutual respect is essential to avoid certain problematic situations.

It is important not to succumb to the effects of stress during a relationship rough patch. If you keep your mind occupied and keep active, you will soon find that you can get on with your life and deal with the issues at hand, rather than letting the pain of damaged emotions control your thought process.

I have tried to make a place where you can get excellent relationship advice no matter what your specific problem is. I am confident that you will get the help you need here. It gives me great satisfaction to know that lots of people from all over the world visit my website and use the relationship advice provide to live happy and fulfilled lives, and this is my wish for you too.


I wish you all the best,







Paul Davidson